Common Questions

Where is Volunthai located?

The majority of Volunthai’s target schools are in northeastern Thailand. This is the poorest region of the country, and also the most traditional and “un-touristed”.

What costs are involved?

Volunteers pay $375 for a one-month homestay (add $200 for each additional month). Volunteers must also pay for their own transport to Thailand and to their homestay. Once there, all meals and accommodation are provided. Most volunteers join for 1-3 months.

Why isn’t volunteering free?

In order to keep our project running, pay the staff that helps you before you arrive and when you’re here, pay our bills, etc, we charge what we think is a reasonable fee. There are no hidden costs, and all of us (alas) still have day jobs!

Who should not volunteer?

The motto of Volunthai is: “Expect the unexpected”. If you are not flexible, patient, or adaptable, you will not enjoy life in rural Thailand.

What is the work like?

Volunteers teach in rural high schools with 500-2000 students, from twelve to eighteen years old. Students already have basic English skills. Volunteers work with the schools’ English teachers to develop lessons for the classroom (songs and games are preferred).

How remote is a homestay?

Most of our homestays are in small towns in rural areas. Volunteers will have access to email, a telephone, and shops. Hosts are usually middle to upper class Thais with the means to support a foreign guest. Students are generally farmers’ children who may see English as a way to gain entrance to a college in the future.

What about my visa?

Volunteers will receive counseling on their visa after signing up. There are usually several options, depending on how long you’re traveling in Thailand and how long you’re volunteering with us.

Is rural Thailand dangerous?

We do not work near sensitive border regions, nor do we work in areas where malaria is a risk. Doctors and hospitals are nearby and up to Western standards. Overall, Thailand is a very safe place to be.

Why is Volunthai so much cheaper than other organizations?

Volunthai is a bare bones organization with a small part-time staff and little overhead. Volunteers pay their own transportation, host schools pay for their volunteers’ meals and accommodation, and our basic administration costs are covered by the monthly fees. We try to keep the fees as low as possible so more people will apply and more schools will be helped.

Can you tell me where I’ll be placed ahead of time?

Yes. In most cases we can tell you either the general location or the exact place you’ll be going to in advance.