What You Get

Here’s what you can expect from Volunthai:

Signing up:

  • A quick reply to your request for an application and more info
  • A quick reply to your application to know if you’re accepted

If you’re accepted you’ll receive:

  • More specific info about the Volunthai experience, including contact info for your host school and instructions for obtaining a visa
  • Info about where to stay in Bangkok, how to get there from the airport, and plans for your first meeting with us in Bangkok
  • Basic travel advice and preparation advice before you arrive in Thailand
  • Food and accommodation while at your homestay (for more info about the homestay experience, see the volunteer blog)
  • Access to our staff by phone and email
  • Access to internet at your school or in your village
  • Weekends free to relax and explore
  • Nearby clinics and hospitals that are up to Western standards
  • Access to shops, temples, exercise areas, etc , while at your homestay