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I came to Thailand in 1999 after graduating from the University of Texas. In the remote province of Ubon, not far from the Mekong River, I stumbled across a homestay/teach opportunity that literally changed my life. Today, Volunthai exists to recreate that experience for other travelers. Our requirements are not based on degrees or achievements, but on your personality and willingness to immerse yourself in a completely new cultural environment. A Volunthai homestay is a chance to see how another people live, think, and behave. It’s an experience that’s not always predictable or easy, but is certainly unforgettable.

We’re now taking applications for the upcoming Thai school year (May-September, November-March). If you’re interested in applying, please take a good look at our website first. See what we’re looking for and what other volunteers have had to say. If you think you might be qualified, we’ll be happy to send you an application.

For the most current reports on volunteering with Volunthai, visit our volunteer blog: http://www.planetranger.com/volunthai/index.shtml

Michael Anderson
Project Founder

Andres Anderson, Volunthai baby!Andres Anderson,
Volunthai baby! Thaneeya Pientong Co-founderThaneeya 'Ae' Anderson,
Co-founder Thaneeya’s family handles all in-country training and coordinationThaneeya’s family handles all in-country training and coordination

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